What was your initial response to the project?
I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to be a part of this project! I knew a couple other actors that were already working on it, so when Ralph asked I jumped on the opportunity! I mean, seriously- what actor doesn't want to play dress up and pose in front of a camera?  The photos are gorgeous and Ralph did such a beautiful job capturing the essence of our characters while still bringing who we are as individuals into the pieces. 

What was your overall experience like working on the project?

It was such a positive experience, working with both Ralph and Cougar! We had a blast on set and enjoyed the work as well as the company and that's what it's really all about! If you love what you're doing and love the people you're working with beautiful things happen! And that's why we do what we do- to create beautiful art

Alicia Berruti as Carol Lombard

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