What was your initial response to the project?
 I received the initial call from Ralph asking me to portray Lana Turner, hanging up afterwards with the feelings of giddiness and excitement. Out of the project’s cast, I was one of the select few who did not act or model prior, which created a sense of honor. I have always been a Film Noir and classic movie enthusiast, therefore I already knew quite a bit about Lana. I saw this as a lovely opportunity to work alongside astounding talent, additionally aware that I would be working with Jeff Bosley who I admire and respect in every way.

What did you think of the final results of the shoot?

I was pretty blown away by the final edits. I didn’t really know what to expect, however I was extremely impressed and proud of the team effort. Ralph’s vision and execution of bringing Lana Turner and John Garfield to life was inspiring; He knew exactly what he wanted from us in the shots and I think they turned out rather enchanting.


Ashley Cox as Lana Turner

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