What was your initial response to the project?
I was genuinely intrigued.  I loved the concept of bringing a modern day look and interpretation to such infamous images. I was in complete awe of the results.  Every image made my jaw drop.  The sensuality that was captured between Lana and John (Ashley and I) was stunning. 

What was the total experience of doing the photo shoot like for you?
Unforgettable.  When Ralph first approached me for the job, I couldn’t wait to get to work.  When he asked if I had any ideas for a woman that could portray Lana, I instantly thought of Ashley.  Being able to do such an intimate and close photo shoot with such a great and close friend absolutely had an influence on the outcome.  Our friendship provided a chemistry that can’t be faked.  Being able to bring that to the images using the great talent of Ralph resulted in something truly stunning.  I mean, how great is my life?  I was able to spend an entire day staring into Ashley’s beautiful eyes.  It was an honor and privilege to be able to share time with someone who is such an attractive person inside and out.  Combine that with Ralph’s collaborative and focused work ethic and it is a recipe for success, no question.


Jeff Bosley as John Garfield

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