What was your initial response to the project?
When Ralph initially contacted me about the project, I was surprised. I, of course, said yes. I had never done anything quite like this, but I was excited to try something new. When I found out that I would be portraying Charlie Chaplin, I was both ecstatic and apprehensive: my expertise is comedy, but Chaplin sits astride that field like a colossus. I studied Chaplin’s old films, and discovered an extraordinarily capable physical comedian. 

I found Ralph very easy to work with. He struck a wonderful balance between knowing exactly what he wanted, and being willing to try new things. This was my first time working with Shanna, and it was an honor to work with such a lovely and talented woman.

I absolutely adored the end result! It was awesome to see us re-create some of the great classic scenes with some of the most iconic film characters of all time. It was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to see what Ralph has planned next!


John Showalter as Charlie Chaplin & Shanna Grace as Paulette Goddard

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