What was your initial response to the project?
My initial response was yes, this sounds amazing. I’m so honored that I was even asked.
I portrayed Montgomery Clift, and I learned that he strongly performed using method acting. He was a rebel, in terms of not conforming to the standards of Hollywood at that time. Monty was very devoted to the craft of acting, even learning to play the bugle for a role, even though he knew it would be dubbed with a professional bugle player; he just wanted the lips to move in the realistic way. At the same time of his rising stardom he had a rival who also heavily performed using the method acting technique; Marlon Brando. 

What was the total experience of doing the photo shoot like for you?
It was fun, and working with Ralph was a new experience as he is full of life and energy. He really knew what he wanted with each shot, and was open to new suggestions. His inspiration will come as he’s walking through a room and then stops and points out some great places to shoot. 

Luke Banham as Montgomery Clift

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