Colorado actors from Colorado Springs to Denver all contributed their talents to this project. In true Hollywood fashion, we kept it a secret, only teasing the community about what we were up to… finally leading to a Big Reveal.

Our intent was not to shoot exact recreations, but rather use the publicity stills and other photographs of these icons as an inspiration to do what we intended… a tribute. We all hope you enjoy the results. We had a heck of a good time doing it.


Photography by: Ralph Giordano
Produced By: Ralph Giordano and Taryn Ryan Long
Hair and Makeup Styling By:Danae Lorraine Neldon, Connice Inglis, and Taryn Ryan Long
Wardrobe/Costuming and Vintage Jewelry By:Taryn Ryan Long and Cathy Toscano
Additional Thanks to: Ivywild Costumes, Glenn’s Army Surplus, Inc.
A Very Special Thank You to 2WIN! Global for the use of their studio.
This project would not be possible without their extreme generosity. Much appreciation to Bob Riefstahl, Ross Jacobsen, Dan Conway, and Cheyene Grow.

Tribute to classic Hollywood

Alicia Berruti as Carol Lombard

When I first met with Alicia Berruti to talk about the 2013 Photography Project, I knew that she would be great portraying actress Carol Lombard from the 1930’s era. I had already been thinking about Cougar Littlefield as Clark Gable, and had a feeling they would work magic together.

Ashly Cox

Ashley Cox as Lana Turner

I met Ashley Cox for the first time at the studio before she headed to makeup, hair, and wardrobe. We had spoken on the phone many times in preparation for the role of Lana Turner. It was also a great opportunity to bring in Jeff Bosley as his character, John Garfield and recreate some of the more famous poses from the noir classic, The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Christopher Grey

Christopher Gray as Frank Sinatra

When he arrived at the studio we quickly got him into wardrobe for the first series of shots as it was late in the day and I needed the daylight. Rush… rush… you know how it goes. As soon as we were done with that we had more time to slow things down and talk a bit while shooting the other scenes. This is my favorite part of shooting with new people… getting to know them and becoming friends. It’s hard not to like Christopher. He is so genuine. We had such a wonderful shoot.

Cougar Littlefield

Cougar Littlefield as Clark Gable & James Dean

I became friends with Cougar during the production of Jamey Hasting’s short film, “Dink”. He truly is a force of nature. Cougar has the ability to elevate any production into the stratosphere… and the view from there is pretty spectacular. Thanks Cougar for always giving your absolute best… to any artistic endeavor, but especially The Colorado Tribute to Classic Hollywood project. It started with you buddy.

heath heine

Heath Heine as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

What can I say about Mr. Heath Heine…? He is one of my favorite people on the planet. I saw some of Heath’s work and knew he was a dedicated actor, so I wanted him to be a part of the Tribute to Classic Hollywood. He can be both hilarious and serious... hence the tribute to Comedy & Tragedy. There are subtle shifts in emotion and expression that he does that makes this guy really click in front on the camera.

Jeff bosley

Jeff Bosley as John Garfield

When I first met with Jeff to talk about playing the role of Hollywood tough guy John Garfield I had no idea that I was getting the real deal… all 6 foot 5 inches! I felt like a Hobbit standing next to Jeff. I’m sure he gets that a lot. But the guy is so incredibly charming and we hit it off right away. He is extremely professional and really digs in when he is preparing for a role. I like that... a lot.


Jeremiah Walter as Steve McQueen & Buster Keaton

I have known Jeremiah for many years. We have a great creative relationship and he has the lead roles in two of my short films... "The Silence" and "Jump Cut". Jeremiah can be zany-funny and cry-your-eyes-out serious (check out the aforementioned “The Silence”). He convinced me to add Buster Keaton since he is a huge fan and admires his work so much. And I am glad I did. Some of my favorite images are from that shoot.

jim levasseur

Jim LeVasseur as Errol Flynn

Jim LeVasseur looks like he should be in a movie. That’s what I thought when I saw him at a film screening earlier in the year. Sure enough, when we got to talking, he was looking for some film/video work. Not long after that Jim was at the studio playing his part in The Tribute to Classic Hollywood.

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee Combs as Henry Fonda

I first saw Jimmy Lee Combs on Facebook while he was acting in the short film “Charlie Hatch”. The production stills from that film convinced me that Jimmy could transform himself into what I had in mind for the Tribute to Classic Hollywood project. Jimmy is such an easy going guy and it was a true pleasure to work with him. He seemed perfect to play Henry Fonda from the classic John Ford film, “The Grapes of Wrath”.

john showalter

John Showalter as Charlie Chaplin & Shanna Grace as Paulette Goddard

When I asked John to be a part of The Tribute to Classic Hollywood project, he embraced the idea and researched the character I asked him to portray… Mr. Charlie Chaplin. Big shoes to fill indeed. But fill them he did. Once he was in full wardrobe and on set, I knew I had made the right decision. He did a terrific job!

Kendra Buck

Kendra Buck as Gloria Swanson, Veronica Lake, & Natalie Wood

My dear friend Kendra Buck is such an incredibly talented actress. The girl has got what it takes to make a name for herself in this business. She is so eager to join in and help with any production, whether she is acting in it or not. She simply loves movies... watching them, discussing them, and of course, making them. I am glad she has plans to make a few with me.

luke banham

Luke Banham as Montgomery Clift

Luke Banham is one of those terrific actors who takes on roles that are totally different from who he really is. And he’s done some daring performances too. Check out is outstanding work in Mat Nelson’s "Home Run King". I am so pleased that Luke is a part of The Tribute to Classic Hollywood project.

Shanna Grace

Shanna Grace as Elizabeth Taylor

On the first shoot date I had booked with Shanna Grace for the Tribute to Hollywood… she was having an extremely busy day. There was a soccer game in the morning. Then she had to drive down to Colorado Springs from Denver for our shoot. Then back to Denver in time for her Prom. Did I mention that Shanna is 17?

taryn ryan

Taryn Ryan as Brigitte Bardot

Taryn and I have been friends for over 15 years. She is one of the kindest people I know. She is always willing to help a friend and she did just that with the Tribute to Hollywood project. She Co-Produced the entire show and plays the 1960's icon Brigitte Bardot. Plus she is gorgeous, beautiful, elegant... do I have to pick just one?